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Garmin Oregon 550 Map Update Problems EVERY TIME. - GPS Devices and Software

questermark posting in GPS Devices and Software
User: gps_devices (posted by questermark)
Date: 2011-02-27 11:08
Subject: Garmin Oregon 550 Map Update Problems EVERY TIME.
Security: Public
Tags:5x0, garmin, maps, mapsource, oregon, problem
Every time I go to update my Garmin Oregon 550's maps, I have to struggle.
Garmin designed the thing to handle a microSD card. Why do map updates not just go where the old maps are?

Update: OK, if I go into BaseCamp and select the expansion card, then go to utilities and Install Maps on Selected Device, then it apparently passes a parameter to MapInstall to put the maps in the right place.

Maybe this entry will help me next time.

(Probably not.)
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