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Toozla has created the first mobile GPS guide to Tverskaya Street in Moscow - GPS Devices and Software

toozla_guide posting in GPS Devices and Software
User: gps_devices (posted by toozla_guide)
Date: 2012-11-22 12:48
Subject: Toozla has created the first mobile GPS guide to Tverskaya Street in Moscow
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старая Тверская
There was a time when Tverskaya looked like this and the biggest innovation in the street was a horse cart)))))

Hello, friends! Today we want to tell you about Toozla improvement, which is very important for us! As you know, we strive to develop Toozla as a product that fully meets the needs of modern man in mobile guides. And it's not only about tech development, but it's also about the information coverage of Toozla. We have several sources of information: some global sources, such as: Wikipedia, Wikimapia and others, and some professional guides in different cities of Russia, Europe and the USA.

And some time ago the following idea began to pursue us relentlessly: our company is originally from Moscow, which means, that we have to maintain our reputation here more, than anywhere (just some kind of patriotism:)) in order to take the place of the primary main mobile guide in the minds of our Moscow users. We have analyzed the issue of information coverage of Moscow and the following problem caught our eye: Tverskaya, one of the central Moscow streets, strongly suffers from a lack of content.

Moreover, there is a lack not only of professional guides, it’s also difficult to find  information about  buildings and monuments of Tverskaya Street in the Internet, and the content, that you can dig up, would not be better found at all). This was the first and  the most important observation.

The second thought that came in upon our mind was the following: Toozla has a number of professional guides in Moscow for the central part of the city, namely: the Boulevard Ring, the Kuznetsky bridge and the Kremlin, so we have three routes which are not connected to each other, but they are located close. So, as you see, the universe was almost shouting about the need of creating our own guide for Tverskaya)).

And this autumn, we have finally made ​​this important step: we have created the first GPS mobile guide from Belorussky Railway Station Square to the Red Square.
Our new guide has a total time of about an hour. It includes stories about all key sites of the street, such as: hotel "National", the Central Telegraph Office, the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia and many others. From October 1, Toozla users received an opportunity to try our free guide for the main Moscow street. We are satisfied with executed work and we hope that wonderful, proud and monumental buildings of Tverskaya Street won't remain faceless  for numerous passers-by any more. We also hope, that now any pupil will be able to show where Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and Trotsky were living after the Revolution, where previously situated Noble University board etc.

This adding also made it possible for our Russian-speaking users to plan a variety of walks in the center of Moscow, because this guide has connected our routes for the Boulevard Ring with our routes for Kremlin, where we have already 3 professional guides. Now you are able to walk for hours, listening to the city, without any brakes. For example, you can walk from The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, after that you can turn right on Pushkin Square and go to the Kremlin. And do not forget about our guide "The history of Moscow lanes". It will tell you about the buildings inside the Garden Ring in constructivism and baroque styles.
So, taking into account all the above named guides, we can easily say that the central part of the city is covered by our guides fully, and it is time now to run Toozla and to go for a walk, discovering the capital again, cause each stone in the city has a story to tell!
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