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GPS Devices and Software

0ccam posting in GPS Devices and Software
User: gps_devices (posted by 0ccam)
Date: 2009-08-17 13:26
Subject: What I'd change about the Garmin Oregon 550
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Tags:garmin, oregon, x50
"bigger" batteries: The NiMH batteries that it comes with are only 2000 mAh. The manual says it works best with NiMH of 2500 mAh or better (or Lithium).

Gesture based touch screen: Some of the screens must be dragged, but usually there a "button" on screen to navigate with the screen. I'd rather just swipe like I do with my iPhone.

Better accuracy: My older GPSMAP 60Cx reports a better "margin of error" than the 550 does. For example, side by side, out on my driveway, under a clear sky, the 60Cx got down to a little less than 20' accuracy. At the same time, the 550 was reporting about 30' accuracy.

Compass speed: The compass is great, but it doesn't respond as quickly as my wife's iPhone 3GS does.

Screen Brightness/reflectivity should be higher: The 60Cx is MUCH brighter and has much more reflectivity in sunlight. So, for that matter, is the iPhone (brighter, that is. the iPhone is not transflective). It'd be great if there was some way to get the screen on the 550 to be as bright and as reflective in sunlight as the 60Cx.

Provide a black wallpaper or the ability to select NO wallpaper.

Use when powered: Whenever I plug the 550 into a power source, whether a computer, a dumb car adapter, a smarter car adapter (that will charge a mobile phone), or a smart AC to USB adatper (like my iPhone came with) it goes into disk mode. To get it OUT of disk mode, you have to hold down the power button and then let go and it restarts under external power. That's a pain. I want it to work like the 60Cx does, where you have to put it into disk mode. Or better, have disk mode not interfere with the GPS functionality. Fixed, from a tip provided in a geocaching forum. Key: Spanner Mode--and each profile has an independent mode setting.

Geocaching On the geocache listings, Difficulty and Terrain are not listed until you click on the cache listing to see the details.
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