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GPS Devices and Software

0ccam posting in GPS Devices and Software
User: gps_devices (posted by 0ccam)
Date: 2009-08-17 13:32
Subject: What I like about the Garmin Oregon 550
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Tags:garmin, oregon, x50
Batteries: can be set for Lithium and the battery charger comes with it, and has international plugs included.

Touch Screen: So much easier to enter text than on the GPSMAP 60Cx.

3-axis compass: works at any angle!

External Power: Doesn't require smart power (the iPhone and my old RAZR require smart power, my Garmin handheld GPSes do not).

Whereigo Player built in.

Wallpaper can be set to any jpg on the device. I made a black jpg file so I could have a black background. Leave a comment if you want the file.

geocaching The 550 (and 550T) will hold 5,000 geocaches. Paperless caching is possible with this one device.

Camera The camera is a nice touch. And in use, the lens is protected in such a way that it's unlikely to get dirty but if the battery cover is removed then it can be cleaned. (OK, that's not the true lens, but close enough for cleaning.) There's a "focus" function, and of course it geotags the photo. Also, at 3.2MP, it's a higher res than my iPhone 3G (but the same as frostdancer's iPhone 3GS).

Hopefully this list will grow and the other list will not...
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